From Our Family to You


A family-owned company based in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley with sales offices in Bulgaria, USA, and Hong Kong, we are dedicated to growing world's most fragrant oil-yielding Rose, the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena as well as distilling and offering our customers the finest-quality Bulgarian Rose Oils and Bulgarian Rose Waters available anywhere.


In addition to Roses, our family passionately loves the magic of the Bulgarian Lavender flowers. We are proud to produce and offer our country's best quality steam-distilled Bulgarian Lavender Oils and Lavender Waters.

Alteya is unique in our industry with our ability to produce and deliver directly to our worldwide commercial and retail customers quality-certified natural and organic products that were previously available only to those who traveled to the exotic Rose Valley in Bulgaria.
Whether you purchase from our websites, directly from one of our offices, or through one of our distributors and agents you can always rest assured that you are buying the highest-quality 100% pure genuine Bulgarian Rose and Bulgarian Lavender essential oils and flower waters.


Our products are certified by the. Bulgarian Government Laboratory at the Research Institute for Roses, Aromatic, and Medicinal Plants in Kazanlak, one of world's premier research and certification institutions.
Orders are shipped with a Certificate of Analysis and Quality (in English) for their corresponding harvest year and production batch.


Our Story and Mission


Founded in 1999, Alteya started as a small family company which began growing our own Roses in the Rose Valley in Bulgaria. Since then we have been adding and planting with roses new fields every year to meet the demands of the growing numbers of new and returning customers. We currently provide work to more than 400 employees during the peak of the Harvest seasons. All of our operations are directly managed by one of our family members who ensure the highest quality of both our products and services to you, our customer and partner; as well as fair treatment and satisfaction of our employees who we treat as our extended family.


In 2004, we opened our first international office located in the Chicago area in the USA. True to our mission of a family-run company, our US office is also managed by a family member and has quickly grown as the center for our trading and retail sales operations. In 2006, we expanded our sales presence in Hong Kong and China so that we can better serve our multiple customers in the Asia region.


Today we offer multiple products used in a variety of industries. We produce and sell Bulgarian Rose Oil, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Bulgarian Rose Water, as well as Bulgarian Lavender Oil and Bulgarian Lavender Waters to customers in Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe. In addition, we offer some of industry's first Bulgarian Rose- and Bulgarian Lavender-based Skin Care and Cosmetics Natural and Organic products. The beauty of our products is in their unique aromatherapeutic, medicinal, and flavoring and fragrance qualities that embody the marriage of century-old traditions with modern technology.



Poverty and Alteya


Since its founding, our company Alteya has been working hard to provide employment and support to the local population in some of the poorest villages in the Rose Valley and the Balkan Mountain regions in Bulgaria. By purchasing our products, you give a chance for economic survival to more than 200 families who are otherwise struggling to provide for themselves and the ones they love. Our employees are our extended family - like us, they love the Roses, The Valley, and our Nature. Thank you on their behalf.


Our Customer Service Promise

Growing Roses and Lavender and producing their essential oils and waters is Alteya's passion and main business. Because of this unsurpassed focus we are the only company of its kind and the main beneficiary of this are you, our customer.


We also understand the importance of providing our customers with what they need. We always strive to meet and exceed our customers expectations and are proud to offer a virtually 24 hours a day, 7-day a week customer service in both English and Bulgarian via email, phone, and fax.